My Story…

The journey woman who I am now is a journey of all that I have been before…
Born in ’75 , I grew up near Toronto, in Ontario Canada. My parents divorced when I was two. When I was 5, my mother was married to her soul mate, the man I proudly call my Dad. I was adopted by him at age 9 when my birthfather exited to start his life anew. Although it was for the best, I was left with a deep abandonment wound & a limiting belief that I was not worthy.
Like most early childhood trauma, this didn’t really show up until I was a teen. It was then that I unconsciously I sought out all the validation for my wound by doing everything I  could to prove my feelings of lack of worth.  I was a rebel teen (watch my Ted x for more details) hit rock bottom and finally began to awaken to the truth of who I was. I dove deep onto my pain and began to turn the lead into gold.  In this process I began to see that  when I took courageous actions I was rewarded with synchronic gifts and opportunities to spread light and love.  I saw that life was happening for me instead of to me, and I came out the other side with a feeling of love, purpose, compassion for all.
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. Joseph Campbell
 I traded running away for showing up, rejection for connection, meat for tofu (wink)  & fear for courage. Backed by my Osho & Toth tarot cards, Buddhist books & Wayne Dyers words I was committed to being in the truth of who was and showing others the path back to theirs.
I pursued a formal education in the arts the University of Toronto graduating in  1999 with an Honor’s degree in socially, philosophy & women’s studies. During University I volunteered in social justice, leading to many beautiful experiences as a volunteer with the Quakers Jails for Justice program by Fred Franklin as well as working on the phones with women in distress at the  Toronto Rape Crisis Centre.  Supporting others without judgement had become a strength for me as I see that we at different stages of self-actualization on the path of the Heroes Journey.   
After graduating, armed with a T.E.S.L certification, in 2002 I set off to Taiwan to teach English. Working 2 years in the Montessori (at night in the Women’s College) I was ready to leave the country when the universe connected me with the man of my dreams, Mark. I fell hard fast, and together we planned to make a life & business built on our aligned values of freedom & vegetarianism. From that love, Lord of the Fries food van was born. A smash hit, we took the leap and together with Mark’s brother Sam we opened our first bricks and mortar store in Melbourne CDB 2005. From this we have grown the business into what is now the biggest vegan fast food chain in the Southern Hemisphere. On the leading edge of the Plant Based Movement, L.O.T.F is expanding in  both revenue and impact on the climate, food culture and animal welfare.   I am so proud to say that LOTF leads the way in the new era of fast food that’s good for the people, planet & animals.
In 2008 I began to practice Vedic mediation with Kay Dyson and haven’t looked back since. Meditation is been the solid foundation  of my presence, calm & intuition leading to kicking so many goals I set for myself. In 2016 I began to study the Vedas with Laura Poole , integrating my experience with ancient wisdom of  the Vedic worldview.
In 2015 (after having 2 kids and opening 24 stores) I began to be recognized for my  entrepreneurial and Leadership skills and was asked to speak on stage in from to 500 women at the League of Extraordinary  Women’s Run the world event in Melbourne, Victoria.  It was a life changing, light bulb experience where I recognized that my bigger mission in life is to be in service of others  to see their true self and create from their power rather than their limits.  
In 2016 I embarked on formal coaching & personal development training with the Coaching Institute, 2017 NLP & timeline therapy, 2018 Self Directed healing with Claire Besley, 2020 Studied with William Whitecloud & Chris Duncan adding the dimension of superconscious recoding and momentum manifesting to my toolkit.
I love public speaking and use the platform of my business to speak about choosing a life that’s aligned with your values.  
I love groups & I run workshops on manifesting, purpose, setting goals, building heart centred business, overcoming blacks & fears + more.
I love transformation and coach + mentor women (mainly) in business with the focus of personal growth within their business (leads to business growth). I am working on a series of meditations, a program, a book, a podcast and so many other good things that I can’t wait to share with you all.

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