Hello Beautiful Women,
How are you… ?

It is a sort of awkward question these days…one I have struggled on and off to answer (when I answer the phone at all lol😂)…2 weeks ago, after an incredible weekend of Joy & Connection at the Seven Sisters festival (many of you came to my Money & Abundance workshop Thank You) I came home to hear that the kids will stay home from school &  finish the term online… and with my cup full of all your Love I was ready for action. Unsure of what was going to unfold but having seen the international news I had a pretty good idea this was the beginning of a BIG change coming.

Ok, mindset shift…stay safe & stay home…get the groceries and supplies to nourish ourselves for a while…

I was in a daze for a few days, a bit of disbelief that soon shifted into agitation (hats off to teachers) …How can I get the kids to focus on school? When can I leave? How can I still run our business when people are staying home? Customer numbers are dropping, restrictions getting tighter, sales getting lower. How can I handle this? Agitation moved to shame. Why can’t I support all the staff that work for us (all 300) how can I call myself a Leader now? Shame turned to a cry and then back to love. All of this within a week. 

Fry business: out of my control, virus out of my control, franchisees response out of my control…what’s in my control?…my thoughts, my feelings, the meaning I make of things….and as I remember how much power I have, the Love started to flow into a great surrender and acceptance. I leaned into my meditation practise to just let go. Let go of who I was two weeks ago, what I thought was permanent (my food business), my go-go-go self.

When I stopped looking back I began to look forward. Who do I need to be now? For my family, my business, franchisees, myself, my Soul. And I tapped back into Purpose. I am here to serve. I am here to help.

My purpose is not what I do, it is who I am.

And with purpose I feel energized and remember that I believe all is happening in co-creation with the universe and although I may not understand it, I can trust it. It makes me feel better.

In that state, I made a mini love meditation for you. Click here to listen. Also….some of you may know Loretta creator of Nourished Energy. She’s AMAZING.

Loretta & are running a free workshop next week to help Shift from Fear to Love. Come along if you can…

Finally, how are you? How are you feeling? How are you holding up? Where are you at on this weird and wild journey, where on you on the Phases of Hope (below)

Would love to hear from you ❤️

SHOUT TO TO STACEY @Barefootbrandingacademy for believing in me and making me a professional email (its my very first one!) and linking my accounts, making a landing page for my mediation, linking that to my insta…getting acuity set up for bookings. You’re amazing. Contact her for any automation, operational and branding needs.


I work with women to light the path, shift the blocks, clear the clutter, raise self-awareness & consciousness so you can see your power & step into purpose. Email to book a discovery call for coaching, mentoring & healing ❤️📿🙌🍟⚡️

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